An R package for detecting spatial and temporal groups in GPS relocations. Use it for building social networks or understanding species interactions and shared space use.

It was recently onboarded by rOpenSci, more details about the review here.

We wrote a blog post and have an article in Methods in Ecology and Evolution describing it.

Check out the development repository and companion website.


An R package for fitting double logistic curves to time series of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and calculating the instantaneous rate of green-up.

It uses data.table to efficiently process tabular data, instead of a raster based approach. Remote sensing imagery is sampled by the user and irg is used to filter, scale and model NDVI, and calculate IRG following methods described by Bischof et al. (2012).

Here’s the development repository and companion website.


An R package for planning and evaluating camera trap surveys.

Development repository and issue board.


An R package for calculating half-weight gregariousness index following methods described by Godde et al. (2013).

Development here.

The math behind flatten the curve

Hurford, A., Robitaille, A.L. Shiny app